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Earrings mokume «Precious astrolabe». Red gold, etched silver, smoky quartz

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Red 14K gold, sterling silver
  • Insert: Smoky quartz 8x6 mm — 2 pcs.
  • Plating: Oxidation

Astrolabe is a star compass, one of the oldest astronomical "computers" and portable computing devices. Astrolabe helped travelers to determine their location, as well as to navigate in unfamiliar lands, watching the position of the stars and the Sun. With her help, we performed mathematical calculations and determined the exact time. This universal device was an indispensable assistant for many desperate pioneers.

"Precious Astrolabe" is a special work! It was created in order to help find unmistakable landmarks in the inner world of Beauty. In the worlds of hidden meanings, mystical knowledge, majestic wisdom and eternal human values. By checking your heart with the right landmarks, you will never go wrong in choosing the best path. By tuning in to receive truly valuable qualities, you can continue to move even in difficult times of life's trials. Nature itself will become your faithful friend and guide!

Knowing that the top is already close, it is much easier to overcome distances. Knowing that you are going to the goal, it is much easier to cope with any obstacles. Having a unique, supersensitive "compass of beauty" - one can not worry at the crossroads of choice. After all, when in the hands of a valuable astrolabe, - the sun, the stars and the sky - everything in the world will whisper to you secret knowledge and priceless advice!

Around the throne of Truth blossom is the magnificent gardens of Beauty. "Precious Astrolabe" will certainly lead you there. It - like a mystical ancient talisman and at the same time modern on-board computer - will direct you to these inner spaces, presenting a unique skill: to find beauty in every soul, to contemplate beauty in every manifestation, to appreciate beauty in every detail, to give beauty with each breath and heart beat .

"Precious Astrolabe" will calculate the optimal route to the inner peaks of happiness.

Earrings "Astrolabe" are made in beautiful and perfect mokume gane technique (combination of plates of red gold and silver). The stellar pattern of metals recalls the radiance of the constellations, which direct in the right direction all those who are able to listen carefully to their clues.

The stones of the mysterious smoky quartz are given special depth and mysticism to the jewels "Precious Astrolabe".

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