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Mokume wedding rings «Sophora». Red gold, silver

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  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Red 14K gold, sterling silver

Since we have a separate collection of mokume-gane jewellery, you probably guessed that it has an exceptional meaning to us. It’s not just a manufacturing technique, but a manual or alloy creation of several metals in one tandem. 

If things were so simple, there would be no fabulous charm. There would be no mysterious halo and a rapid inner voice, expressing admiration and amazement in the same moment when putting a mokume ring on your finger. 

Mokume is not just art in its modern form. It’s the legacy of great Japanese culture, a precious treasure of the Empire of the rising sun, a drop of its historical past. And in the manufacturing process it is a long thorough work of a jeweler, who instinctively feels the metals, letting him create marvelous pictures of a tiny reality.

Can you recall the best pictures of your life? It is not about Raphael or Da Vinci, but the pictures you painted with your own heart. And a heart draws the most beautiful ones when Love lives in it. For yourself, for the world, for your family... and for the person you intend to connect your life with.

It may seem weird, but the process of making mokume jewellery is very similar to the establishment of a relationship between lovers. 

As you already know, mokume is a combination of several metals which, at the first sight, seem to be incompatible with one another. 

When lovers meet, they are like these metals (gold and silver). This is the first organic stage of the alloy: they interact and get to know each other, gradually revealing the virtues of their souls and characters.

They create no pictures yet, but prepared the brushes and observe the first drop of paint on the canvas under the artist’s profound gaze. Further on, more silhouettes, shades and precise lines emerge. 

Then follows the most important stage: the moment of two realities reunion, when one metal assumes the features of the other and adjusts his own properties to the specifics of another one. 

Alloying metals is not a simple process. It requires total attention of the jeweler. you can’t just take it and put together, the result will be anything, but not a beautiful piece of jewellery. 

Continuous intuitive work, doubts, the criss-crossing of desires and goals, difficulties, 

understanding altering and hard decisions — this is the only possible way to form a true relationship of love and support. Not just based on the external beauty of metal, as they are beautiful itself, with no alloy. But on the deeper inner weave, at the breaking point of the internal barriers. Not through breaking yourself for the sake of another person, but showing deep respect between two universes that once were separate and now became one. 

A fine work requires considerable effort and compromise. Then it easily passes a test transforming a long-term contemplation into an instant admiration. Emphasizing the valuable sides and leveling sharp corners. Understanding and ability to yield when needed. The desire to be together and overcome every difficulty with a smile in one’s heart. All this is a solid background for a happy marriage. And how a mokume gane is created. 

«Mokume.Sophora» wedding rings are made for people who have no fear for life. Their hearts are loaded with feelings and minds full of clarity. It’s not about loving with feelings, but necessity to love rationally. And our wedding rings perfectly complement this concept. 

They are made of an alloy of etched silver and red gold. Bright jewellery will fill the soul of the lovers with fantastic radiance and firm confidence in the common reality. The indicative price is for a pair. The eventual cost depends on the final weight. 

NOTE: the production time may take 3-4 weeks.

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