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Pendant «Arctic sunrise». Yellow gold, silver, topaz, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Yellow 14k gold and sterling silver
  • Insert: Topaz
  • Plating: Oxidized
  • Sizes: Height 35 mm, width 30 mm

Blaise Pascal said: "With the help of space, the universe covers and absorbs me as a point, with the help of thought I embrace the whole universe."

We can not be sure whether the universe is infinite or finite, whether it has meaning, or whether it is just a chaotic cluster of cosmic bodies.

The planets of the solar system capture us with their greatness, uniqueness, unusual matters. The stars arouse in us admiration, love and a warm awareness of their own significance in the Galaxy.

We are trying with great zeal to study the Universe, to catch it, to realize its secrets and great intentions, but it only succeeds in part. It hides behind a thin veil of mystery and slips away from our fingers imperceptibly, like the Andromeda nebula.

"Arctic sunrise" - a pendant created as an ode to the boundless wisdom of the universe. It is made of oxidized silver in the form of planets of the solar system. Its bezel is made of solar yellow gold.

On the side of the pendant we placed the twilight topaz - it adorns the part of the jewellery space that we have created.

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