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Pendant «The power of truth.» Silver, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling silver
  • Plating: Oxidation
  • Sizes: Height with eyelet — 42,5 mm, width — 17,4 mm

Being on the side of truth is not destiny. The truth is always a choice. If you do not know how to make the right choice, then sit in silence, listen to the rustle of the evening stars and wait for an answer that will clearly resonate between the lines of fate you have already drawn.

We choose the path that we walk on every day. There is always a chance that it leads to nowhere, that we will lose more on this path than we had before we set out on it. It is even possible that this path will break us, that we will return as changed people after walking it, or that we may forget ourselves entirely.

After all, there is no wrong choice. There are only the consequences that we are ready to accept, the responsibility that we are able to take on, and the decisions we are confident we can carry out.

But if you are already standing on that path, if you are already walking it and facing every sunrise with your shoulders back, then why not choose that which is true? Why resist the call of truth, the summons of the heart, the prompting of the soul? Does it really make sense to make any decision that forces us to be dishonest with ourselves? Does a path without a heart have any value?

And even if we had two souls and four hearts, wouldn’t we be more real if we always listened to the voice of truth?

Must we believe that the truth is not available to everyone? Maybe it is the same voice that we hear so clearly when we are all by ourselves? Maybe it is her voice that we hear in dreams of black and white, when there are no barriers between the consciousness and the heart? Maybe the truth, like a thief in the night, penetrates our thoughts imperceptibly and whispers, whispers so sharply in our ears?

You can escape into any reality. You can conquer new planets. You can penetrate thousands of souls to sow doubts and fears there, but you cannot run away from yourself.

The truth is not a weapon or a tool. It is a way of life, the version of reality that we choose. This is the way. Yes, it the most difficult path of all, often bearing thorns instead of stars and giving us wounds instead of flowers, but did anyone say that it would be easy? What’s more, does the «easy» path always lead to happiness?

The «Power of Truth» pendant. The game is always worth playing if you can play it by your rules.

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