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A set of "Golden square". Silver, gold, oxidation

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  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
  • Plating: Oxidized

In the photo there is a wonderful set of handmade "Golden Square". Minimalism and beauty, refined taste and practicality - there are many words with which we can talk about it. But words do not make sense when you see a visual representation in a photo.

The design of the kit is not exactly typical for us. We like to experiment with lines and texture, creating extremely atypical decorations. In our decorations you can see all the richness and diversity of nature and its immense creativity. And in the development of this set, we decided to go unconventional for ourselves.

In the design of rings and earrings "Golden Square", we used geometry as a mathematical approach to art. They are made in the form of a regular square with clear lines and beautiful feminine outlines. Real beauty begins with the form and ends with our choice.

Geometry - a new trend in the interior, decorative art and decorations. It symbolizes love of order, exquisite forms and proportions. Today, all scientists agree in one: "Mathematics is the prototype of the beauty of the world and man."

Ring and earrings «Golden Square» suitable for any image. They look good both in everyday life everyday life, and for exceptional dates.

The base of the ring and earrings is made of oxidized silver, the square is made of yellow gold.

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