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Set «Galadriel». Silver, garnet, oxidation

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Insert: Garnet 10x7 mm
  • Plating: Oxidation
  • Sizes: Earrings height 52 mm, pendant height 48 mm

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and therefore she has hundreds of guises. We see beauty in the evening sunset, and in a drop of rain on a silk sheet, and in fragile female hands. Beauty is something that we are ready to fully embrace in our lives.

We used to call decorations beautiful, but what if we call them fantastic? The aesthetics of jewellery are affected not only by metals and precious stones, but also by a fairy tale and inspiration that led to their implementation. You will be surprised at how amazing the prehistory of creating a new collection of earrings «Galadriel»!

Galadriel is the name of the most powerful elven princess of Middle-earth. Queen of the forest elves, mistress of the seas and oceans of endless fairy-tale kingdom, the Grand Empress of the trilogy «The Lord of the Rings.» Galadriel dominated the lands of Middle-earth for over 7000 years, and she owned the Water Ring.

Tolkien wrote about Forest Queen because: «... Galadriel’s eyes deep as the sea, but sharp as the Evening Star’s rays, and they talked about the deepest memory and the experience of the ancient sages of Middle-earth ...»

In translation from the Elvish language, «Galadriel» means a noble virgin or a maiden crowned with a radiant crown. This is the image of the true ideal of a woman: she is wise and proud, like a real ruler, courageous and always ready to defend her kingdom. On the other hand, as a woman, Galadriel is very self-willed and does not listen to anyone, acts only as her heart tells her.

The elven queen had an amazing gift from birth — to penetrate into the human soul and see all his secret desires and fears. And we know that women have the best knowledge of the art of empathy.

Galadriel was invincible in resisting spirit and reason; it is always true to the inner laws of the heart and feelings. It is an image of purity, dignity and love embodied in fairy-tale physical beauty.

Set «Galadriel» are very tender, as if created from the energy of nature and inspiration. Elven queen wore this set, but the queen lives in every woman. By the way, the symbol of Galadriel was an interwoven crown of flowers, and our set is made in the form of twisted twigs.

Hot garnet with a light red light adorn delicate silver earrings, pendants.

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