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Pendant «Salamander». Yellow gold

  • Characteristics
  • Metal: 14k Yellow Gold

Little dragon living in fire. Spirit of the elements, a symbol of spiritual perfection. Guardian angel, designed to clear the mind of bad thoughts, and the soul — from the karmic burden. Small creatures with tremendous inner strength. In their veins flows the most dangerous and powerful element — fire.

The salamander, like the dragon, is duality. She is infinitely cold, her body is ice. And also in its essence a fire is laid, a powerful energy of the flame. Leonardo da Vinci believed that salamanders feed on fire. And the legends say that the salamander is even able to repay him.

Arab doctors used salamander poison to heal wounds. And in Christian beliefs it was believed that the salamander purifies the soul, directs him to the path of goodness and insight. It was believed that God appointed her to control the fire element on earth.

Salamander is just a symbol, a mythical creature. Not symbols fill the world with vibrant colors, but we breathe life into them. If we believe that the salamander is our protector, guardian angel, then let it be so. We contribute to the materialization of the world, which is filled with meaning.

And the meaning that we have laid in the salamander is cleansing light, purity of perception, awareness. It’s so wonderful to be happy, and feel it with every cell of the body. The world is a hall of mirrors: you will not see in it what you have not invested.

Pendant "Salamander" perfectly delineated, the most convenient and beautiful. Completely made of 14K gold.


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